Contoh Procedure Text ~ Untuk memperkaya pemahaman teman-teman tentang procedure text, kali ini Belajar Bahasa Inggris akan menambah 5 contoh procedure text yang khusus membahas cara dalam menggunakan sesuatu atau procedure text how to use things. Semoga dari contoh berikut, teman-teman akan semakin paham dan mengerti tentang procedure text.

Untuk membaca secara keseluruhan dari contoh-contoh procedure text di bawah ini, silahkan klik 'Selengkapnya>>>' dan teman-teman akan diarahkan ke halaman dari masing-masing contoh procedure text berikut.

Kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text How to Use dan Artinya | www.belajarbahasainggris.u

1. How to Use a Computer
For beginners may find difficulties in operating a computer. The following guides are basic operation to turning on a computer which can be easily be mastered. Here are the simple steps to use a computer. Selengkapnya>>>

2. How to Use a Dictionary
There are more than 1 million words in English and the average English native speaker knows not more than 60.000 words. How about English foreign language learners like us? Know how to use a dictionary is important for English language learners. Not only to know the meaning of the words we are looking for, but also to know its function and pronunciation. Here are some steps to use a dictionary. Selengkapnya>>>

3. How to Use a Fan
In a hot day, turning on a fan will help you to lower temperature of a room. Follow these steps to know how to use a fan. Selengkapnya>>>

4. How to Use a Rice Cooker
To cook rice using a rice cooker is a simple way that everybody can do it. Yup, with simple instructions below, you can cook rice using a rice cooker by yourself. The instructions are listed below. Selengkapnya>>>

5. How to Use Uber App
With the application technology in smart phones, doing anything is easy, including in ordering the vehicle. Many applications are available to provide shuttle services either by car or motorcycle. One of the applications in the field of on-demand-based car service is uber. Selengkapnya>>>

Demikian kumpulan Contoh Procedure Text How to Use, semoga bisa bermanfaat dan menambah pengetahuan teman-teman tentang procedure text. Contoh-contoh procedure text di atas hanyalah alat bantu kalian dalam memahami apa itu procedure text dan generic structurenya. Saya yakin, setelah paham kalian juga akan bisa membuat procedure text sendiri. Yuk buat contoh procedure text sendiri yang pastinya akan lebih keren daripada contoh-contoh di atas.


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