Idiom berasal dari bahasa Yunani yaitu 'idioma' yang berarti ungkapan khusus. Ungkapan idiom bahasa Inggris memang spesial atau khusus karena tidak semua idiom bisa diartikan dengan menafsirkan kata demi kata.

Nah, bagi sobat yang sedang belajar tentang idiom atau sedang ingin menambah daftar idiom nya, di bawah ini Belajar Bahasa Inggris menampilkan 10 Idiom Bahasa Inggris beserta artinya. Tidak cuma itu, terdapat pula dialog percakapan yang menggunakan ke 10 idiom bahasa inggris tersebut dengan contoh penggunaan yang lengkap. Semoga bermanfaat. Check this out!!!

Daftar Idiom Bahasa Inggris Lesson 4

Berikut di bawah ini adalah 10 idiom bahasa inggris yang sering digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari dengan disertai contohnya.
No Idiom Arti
01 Count on someone Mengandalkan
02 Show up Muncul/ datang
03 On purpose Dengan sengaja/ maksud
04 Let someone down Mengecewakan / membuat kecewa
05 Let someone know Memberitahu / menginformasikan
06 Drop off Meninggalkan sesuatu/seseorang di suatu tempat.
07 Out of one's way Jauh dari
08 Pick up Menjemput
09 In time Tepat waktu
10 In advance Sebelumnya

Berikut ini adalah dialog percakapan yang memuat ke 10 idiom bahasa Inggris tersebut di atas. Terdapat dua dialog percakapan yang masing-masing mengandung 5 buah idiom.

Dialog 1 : A Man of His Word

Ralph : Can I count on you to help me move next Saturday?
Gary : No problem. What time?
Ralph : About 8:00. Are you sure you can come?
Gary : I'll be there. Don't worry.
Ralph : You know, the last time you offered to help me, you showed up three hours after we had finished.
Gary: I didn't come late on purpose. I overslept. I won't let you down this time.
Ralp : Thanks. I really need you help. And please let me know if you're going to be late.

Dari idiom bahasa Inggris yang bergaris-bawah di dialog percakapn di atas, berikut merupakan contoh-contoh kalimat yang mungkin bisa diguakan:

Count on someone
- Fred is very irresponsible. I can't count on him.
- I help the elderly woman next door. She count on me to cut her grass in the summer.
- She counted on her sister to drive her to work last week.

Show up
- I waited for an hour, but Bob didn't show up.
- Barbera finally showed up at 10.00 last night.
- Bill usually shows up here around 9:00 in the morning.

On purpose
- He set fire to the house on purpose in order to collect the insurance money.
- The neighbor was very angry because he thought the boys had broken his window on purpose.
- Please don't be angry. I didn't wreck your car on purpose.

Let someone down
- Jane really let me down. She didn't come to my party.
- Andrew doesn't let me down. He's always ready to help me.
- We were unhappy because our team didn't play well. They didn't let us down.

Let someone know
- Your mother called. She wants you to let her know if you're going to come for dinner on Saturday.
- I don't understand why John is angry. I let him know that I couldn't meet him.

Idiom count on someone kadang diikuti oleh 'to infinitive' (to + kerja).
- I can count on my sister to lend me money.

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Dialog 2 : Duty Calls

Elizabeth : Would you drop this dress off at the dry cleaner for me?
Matthew : Okey, but it's a little out of my way. Can I do it tomorrow?
Elizabeth : Yes, but if you take it today, I'll be able to pick it up on Saturday morning. I'd like to have it in time for the wedding.
Matthew : Wedding? What wedding?
Elizabeth : Don't you remember? Your niece Sylvia is going to get married on Saturday.
Matthew : Oh, no! That's the day of the championship football game. I had to buy tickets a month in advance.
Elizabeth : That's too bad, but surely you can see that the wedding is more important. Sylvia is going to get married only once. We hope.

Dari idiom bahasa Inggris yang bergaris-bawah di dialog percakapn di atas, berikut merupakan contoh-contoh kalimat yang mungkin bisa diguakan:
Drop off
- These shoes need to be repaired. I'll drop them off at the shoe repair shop.
- The taxi driver drop us off at the corner and we walked two blocks to the theater.
- Will you drop off the boys at the park before you go to work?
- The teacher asked us to drop off our papars in her office when we finish them.

Out of one's way
- Thank you for the ride. I hope you didn't have to go out of my way.
- Because the road we usually take was closed for repairs, we had to drive miles out of our way.
- I can take the books back to the library for you. It isn't out of the way.

Pick up
- I pick my children up after school every day.
- I'm angry with Pete. He didn't pick me up yesterday. He said he forget.
- The eye doctor called to say that my new glasses are ready. Can you pick it up for me?
- My brother pick me up after work and took me home.

In time
- We set the alarm clock for 4:00 A.M. because we wanted to get up in time to see the sunrise.
- Greg didn't arrive at the airport in time for the 1:00 flight. He had to wait for the next one.

In advance
- It's a good idea to make hotel reservation in advance.
- Most people who live in apartments have to pay theri rent a month in advance.

Idiom drop off merupakan idiom yang bisa dipisah.
- The bus drops off Jane at the corner.
- The bus drops Jane off at the corner.
Tetapi merupakan keharusan jika yang digunakan adalah pronoun (kata ganti).
- The bus drops her off at the corner.

Idiom pick up juga merupakan idiom yang bisa dipisah. Dan harus dipisah jika menggunakan pronoun.
- I'll pick up Rini at 5:00 this afternoon.
- I'll pick Rini up at 5:00 this afternoon.
- I'll pick her up at 5:00 this afternoon.

Idiom in time jika diikuti oleh verb (kata kerja) maka kita harus menyertakan 'to'.
- I didn't get home in time to watch that program on TV.
Sedangkan jika idiom in time diikuti oleh noun (kata benda), maka kita harus menggunakan 'for'.
- I didn't arrive in time for that program.

Semoga artikel tersebut di atas tentang Idiom Bahasa Inggris Lesson 4 bisa bermanfaat bagi sobat terutama yang sedang memperbanyak idiomnya. Apa bila ada dari sobat yang menemukan kesalahan baik dari sebi penulisan maupun pembahasan, mohon kiranya kritik dan saran yang membangun untuk kemajuan bersama. Terima kasih.^^

Lihat juga Kumpulan Idiom Bahasa Inggris yang lain di sini.

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