Contoh Hortatory Exposition - Mau apa anda selepas lulus nanti? Kuliah, Kerja atau Nganggur (Gak deh). Pertanyaan-pertanyaan seperti itu biasanya yang sering menghamipiri kepala siswa yang sedang menghadapi kelulusan. Memang ada baiknya jika kita memikirkan terlebih dahulu apa yang akan kita lakukan selepas lulus nanti. Tapi memikirkan bagaimana lulus itu sendiri yang lebih penting sekarang.

Nah untuk itu, pada kesempatan kali ini Belajar Bahasa Inggris akan menghadirkan sebuah contoh hortatory exposition berkaitan dengan masalah di atas berjudul 'Where Should You Be After High School?' Semoga bermanfaat. Check this out!!!

Where should you be after High School?

The National examination result will be publicly enounced in next short time. Euphoria will flood for those who get success. In the other hand, It will be sorry to hear that there are some of them do not succeed in their national final examination. For those who succeed soon will think to decide; where will they be after graduating high school? Actually it will be easy to decide for those has been arranged and thought earlier but for those have not planed yet, it will be quite confusing.

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Continuing study or looking for work is the primary choice among them. When they think about continuing study, they will think hard about the time and cost. How long the higher study will last? And how high is about the cost. In the same way, when they think about straightly seeking job, what skill and competence they have got is a big matter of questioning. So, doing both choices in the same time is an alternative.

Continuing study as well as seeking job is possibly done but it will be hard for them. Conventionally studying in the university needs much time to spend especially in the first year. It is true because they have to do and adapt a lot of things in their new higher school. it will be very hard to looking for job. Therefore it should come to their mind of continuing studying at higher school from their own home. As result, the available time will be more flexible for them. Then it will be very possible to seek job and get the appropriate one. This type of studying is publicly known as distance learning.

As the alternative method of studying, besides the conventional studying which students and the lecturer have to meet in the fixed time and place regularly, distance learning provides possibility to grow better. Possibly working and studying surely will create high quality graduate. Distance learning should appear as a considerable choice for them.

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